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Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth

Perth’s Finest Steam and Pressure Cleaning Service for Roof, Floor and Wall Tiles

Here we offer top-class pressure and steam tile cleaning service at a very economical price. Our tile cleaners are skilled at cleaning all types of tiled surfaces including walls, roofs and floors. Whether it is man-made or natural tile, we have the right tools and solutions to clean them. Moreover, we are the most-called grout cleaning company in Perth. We utilise steam and pressure cleaning to clean smooth tiles and dirty grout lines. As grout lines are difficult to wash, we use pressure and hot steam to wash away the grease, grime and dirt particles. So, without waiting any further, reach out to us for the finest Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth service. To avail of our same day Perth tile and grout cleaning services, call us now. We take 24 by 7 bookings at 08 7665 8905.

    What Makes Us A Reliable Choice For Grout and Tile Cleaning Perth?

    Being in business for several years, we pride ourselves on being the most affordable and professional tile cleaning experts. You can consider us an ideal choice for all your tile & grout cleaning needs across Perth. Look at our key specialities below:

    Cleaning as per the condition

    We first inspect the present condition of your tiles and then suggest a cleaning solution accordingly.

    We Clean All Kinds Of Tiles

    We are experts at cleaning all tile types such as ceramic, glass, granite, stone, porcelain, quarry and marble.

    Price Estimates On Inspection

    You get detailed tile cleaning prices after we thoroughly inspect your tiled surfaces.

    Special Mould Tile Cleaning

    We do have a special mould clean up treatment for kitchen and bathroom tiles. So, feel free to call us for effective tile mould removal.

    Restoration Cleaning Available

    We can restore the look of your tiling by sealing, cleaning and polishing them. Worry not to replace it when we can restore it!

    Licensed Tile Cleaners in Perth

    You get served by Perth’s certified tile cleaners who serve thousands of clients on yearly basis.

    Amazing Tile Cleaning Offers For Your Kitchen, Hall, Lounge and Kitchen Areas At Affordable Rates

    bathroom floors

    Bathroom floors and walls tile cleaning

    Have dirt spots or stains on your bathroom floor or walls? If so, contact us now to get a quick bathroom tile cleaning service today!

    showers tile

    Showers tile cleaning

    Are your tiling looking pale after hot showers? If yes, we can help you with an ultimate showers tile cleaning service. We make use of natural cleaning agents and offer amazing results.

    kitchen floors

    Kitchen floors and walls tile cleaning

    Kitchen tiles often face a lot of spills and stains. Moreover, the oil stains are too tough for you to clean. Well, with our end to the end kitchen floor and wall tile cleaning service, we give you the best looking kitchen back in no time!

    any floor

    Any floor or wall tiles throughout the house

    Irrespective of where you got tiles on your property if you need professional cleaning, our Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth cleaners are here for you. We offer a special tile steam cleaning service.

    any floor tiles

    Any floor tiles outside the house

    Just in case, your outdoor tiles are looking pale or full of dust, call us right away. We provide cost-effective outdoor tile cleaning in Perth.

    tiled countertops

    Tiled countertops cleaning

    Do your countertops have tiles that have tough stains on them? Our same day tile grout cleaning Perth is the right choice for you! Reach out to us for eco-friendly countertop tile cleaning in Perth.

    Therefore, you can contact our team anytime as we are available 24/7 to take your bookings. Our team will use the best and most effective methods to clean the rug stains.

    Perth Tile And Grout Cleaning

    Get Rid Of Mildew and Mould On Your Tiles With Us Today!

    Our tile cleaning Perth professionals also provide mould and mildew clean-up services. Furthermore, our mould & mildew treatment is best suited for stubborn grout lines in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen area. This treatment involves a restoration procedure with anti-bacterial stain removal especially made for mildew added grout and tiles. The most common agent used for mould treatment is Chlorosan.

    • We first apply Chloroson on tiles for about 20 minutes to work on mildew stains.
    • This is followed by a hot water pressure cleaning to reveal fresh and hygienic tiles.
    Perth Tile Grout Cleaning

    What Type Of Tile Cleaning Issues We Can Solve?

    • Efflorescence: We can also remove the whitish deposit known as efflorescence from your tile and grouts using hot water pressure cleaning.
    • Gap In Grouts: With time and placing heavy items on tiled surfaces, gaps are formed in grouts. We can assist you with fixing grout gaps.
    • Loose Sealing: If the sealing is loosening from corners, worry not! Our tile cleaners will provide you with quick tile sealing.
    • Stain: We excel at removing tough stains from tiles such as food spills, oil marks, nail paint, ink, etc.

    We Safeguard Your Grouts With Special Sealing and Cleaning Service

    We suggest sealing treatments for porous tiles such as slate and travertine. While sealing and cleaning, we first clean the tile and penetrate a sealant that ensures your tiles are clean for a long time. It further avoids damage, increases the lifespan of tiles and gives a makeover to the floors and walls.

    We Are Available Perth-Wide For Classic Tile And Grout Cleaning Treatments

    Our tile cleaning services are active Perth-wide. Whether you reside in Ashfield, Rossmoyne, Maylands or Crawley, we can help you with a quick tile and grout cleaning service. Feel free to contact us over the phone any time!


    When you appoint us for tile cleaning, we cover areas such as pool decks, indoor home floor and wall tiling, gutters, chimneys, downspout wash, pathways, step & porch wash, driveways and fences.

    Sealing your tiles and grouts adds a layer of protection and prevents moisture from penetrating in. Moreover, sealants act as resistance against water and germs. It allows you to keep your tiles clean and moisture-free for a long time.

    Without a doubt, professional tile and grout cleaning is a reliable choice for you. Even tile manufacturers suggest getting your tiled areas cleaned by experts at least once or twice a year. It not only keeps the tiles clean but also tends to last longer.

    Some signs that show it’s the right time for tile cleaning or restoration include Tiny chips or cracks in the tiles, Stains that are not washing off with general cleaning, Watermarks, Loose tiles, Grouts are looking dingy and others.

    We make use of different treatments to clean and restore the look of your old tiles. We begin with inspection, followed by steam cleaning of tiles. Further, we treat stains and make them dry. Next, we apply sealants and give your tiles a polished finish. To bring back the look of your old tiles, book an appointment today!

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